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09-Jan-2016 07:46

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That’s the conclusion you’re likely to reach after digesting some eye-opening correspondence from late last week between former long-time CBC correspondent Frank Koller, CBC News Editor-in Chief Jennifer Mc Guire and her boss, Heather Conway, the public broadcaster’s head of English services.I urge you to read the emails — which Koller shared with me and are now posted on his website — about the CBC’s cockeyed application of its new and supposedly ‘improved’ paid speaking policy …since the conclusion you’re bound to draw is that Mc Guire and Conway have learned zilch from the Jian Ghomeshi scandal that continues to reverberate inside the CBC like a dentist’s drill.Instead, senior CBC mandarins have been busy rewriting history — to absolve themselves of any measure of meaningful accountability and, perhaps more importantly, to save their jobs in the wake of the tsunami that hit CBC last month courtesy of Jesse Brown and the Toronto Star.

During the course of his 23-year career, Andrew has won numerous national and international awards for his investigative work.While I welcomed the CBC’s tardy move, I remained skeptical of the notion that network brass were engaged in anything more than a PR exercise designed to mollify critics with largely cosmetic changes to its speaking gig policy.To prove the point, I have, since April, been tweeting links to the list of so-called “public appearances” made by a slew of CBC TV and radio personalities — a list which reveals that a handful of the broadcaster’s stars are getting paid to make speeches to, or host events organized by, influential and monied interests on which CBC News reports.Koller reminded Mc Guire that “in the new policy announced last April 24, you promised that requests for paid speaking engagements would be rejected: ‘from companies, political parties or other groups which make a significant effort to lobby or otherwise influence public policy, even if the speech or event seems innocuous.’” “Certainly, with any reasonable reading of this policy and considering the payers involved in the above examples …

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one would have expected the CBC to have immediately refused permission for its journalists to attend and be paid,” the 30-year veteran CBC economics reporter and foreign correspondent wrote. Mc Guire, predictably, told Koller that he was wrong — with one high-profile exception. speaking engagements, the CBC is 100% living up to the commitments we made … Mc Guire then claimed, absurdly, that not one of the companies, investment firms and corporate associations the CBC stars got paid for speaking to lobbies .

A list of so-called ‘public appearances’ made by a slew of CBC TV and radio personalities …

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