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A lack of innovation and poor management by GC Conn relegated Ludwig and Ludwig to a second tier drum manufacturer.

Meanwhile in 1937 Bill Ludwig reentered the drum business and started the William F Ludwig drum company.

Navy during WWII During the Second World War, restrictions were placed on the manufacture of musical instruments and other objects considered non-essential to the war effort in the United States.

In addition to a reversion to rope-tensioned drums (see the WFL Rope-Tensioned field drum in Percussive Notes, October 2008), the WFL Drum Company also manufactured an entire drumset, the “Victorious” model, which was tuned with tension rods and .

Through hard work and perseverance WFL continued to prosper and in 1955 purchased the Ludwig and Ludwig name, assets and patents from floundering GC Conn Manufacturing allowing Ludwig to change the name to Ludwig Drum Company.

After continued additional purchases Ludwig reamed the company Ludwig Industries.

The company added new products to its catalog, such as snare drums and timpani in 1916. William Ludwig stayed on to run the company for Conn (which also owned the Leedy Drum Co. Eventually, William Ludwig decided to leave Conn and start a new company of his own.

Sales quickly took off and the brothers formed Ludwig and Ludwig to market the new pedal design.

Ludwig played professionally at an early age and he soon realized existing bass drum pedals were inadequate.