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28-Feb-2016 20:47

Cougars, MILF’s, GILF’s, Granny’s – whatever term you use for them (and you shouldn’t really generalise anyway), they are starting to realise what a fine, untapped resource these younger men are.

They are starting to realise what new and exciting moves they could bring to the table. Take a peek at this…Younger men are more energetic.

Well, ‘woo’ is probably too strong a word, right guys?

You don’t want to woo her, you just want to know how she feels in bed.

Don’t just pick Aladdin’s Palace because it’s the first result that comes up in Google, especially if it’s only got one star out of five in over a hundred reviews. Do you really think she’s going to be happy with some dirty greasy spoon on your first date? Most big city’s in the UK have a cathedral or a castle in which you can browse and wander. You’ll be amazed at how great the local tourist attractions really are, and you could have lunch, go for a few drinks, or spend the rest of the day however you like. Plus, who knows what a bit of fresh air could do for you both!

At least then it looks like you care about what she thinks.So, you heard from a friend of a friend that your 27 year old mate is having a relationship with a much older woman – she’s 47! I hear you gossiping about it with your friends, but if only you knew the truth…He’s only after her money, I hear you say. Well, that 47 year old goes to the gym more often than your 20-something girlfriend, and she looks much better in a bikini too! You young lads make me laugh with your misconceptions.You’ve heard that her husband died and left her with a bit of money, so that’s why he’s dating her. Plus, why do you think he’s only in it for the sex? They’re not looking to get married, they are just having some fun.Who knows what new experiences you could have this year?

Not just buzzing with energy in the bedroom, the younger man has so much excitement to give out of it, giving you the opportunity to try so many new things you wouldn’t have otherwise tried.

A 28-year old girl, for example, wouldn’t generally go for a guy 7 years her junior.