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14-Aug-2016 12:36

Especially if you ask the Almighty to help you in this area the way He has in all the others.Dear Emuna, I had a very emotionally difficult pregnancy that affected my marriage somehow.But you must really understand and accept this idea – and then act on it.

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Since he is not prepared to consult a professional, I’m afraid that you are going to have to step up to the plate.

This is the mother that you have and this is your opportunity for growth. As hard as it may be now, if you do the work, I am confident that you will emerge a stronger, deeper, more emotionally healthy human being.

Whether it means that you will have to find a mentor (teacher, rabbi, employer, spouse) who will help you grow and provide that support, whether it means you will have to turn inwards to find your own strength, whether it means you will have to deepen your relationship with the Almighty and your trust is His ultimate beneficence or whether it means all of the above, this is the work that you have to do. The day-to-day will still be challenging but you are not your mother.

The fear of being like an unhealthy parent can be a powerful motivator.

As long as you keep in mind your own childhood experiences, you will be a good parent.I know, unfortunately, of many people who had difficult parents and their own parenting choices are made in direct opposition to those of their parents i.e.