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20-Aug-2016 19:56

I'm sorry to hear that.""Thanks, Butch." Haley sighed, picking up her key chain and looked at the dog tag.

"He was deployed to Afganistan in the fall of 2004, then two weeks before Christmas, two days before his approved leave, he was killed in a convoy, during a routine extraction.""Damn...

However, for many it seems that for a show about saving Grace (it is in the title after all) they forgot to actually save Grace!

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We can help you pick those that would get along best with a family.But it would seem, to me at least, that the meaning in her death is that Grace was finally able to take that extra step.And just as Earl asked her 3 years ago in the first episode, yes, she was ready to give her life to God.was a complicated television drama that followed Grace Hanadarko, a police officer in Oklahoma City, who had a dark side that included heavy drinking, smoking, and plenty of recreational sex.

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But despite these and other flaws the character was well loved and had a good heart.

"Grace hasn't even been gone two weeks and she's being replaced."Kate quickly stood up from her seat, resting her hands on the desk. "I remember.""That bitch was IA- a rat, to take Grace down... Maybe they can't take Grace down, because she's dead, but what if it's one of us?